We believe that everyone is created equally. We also believe everyone is "Born Kind." That's why we created this collection that shows our continued mission to spread kindness through all communities and to help banish intolerance.

About BE KIND & CO.

Be Kind & Co. is multi-platform lifestyle brand & company committed to creating experiences, story-driven content, and products that bring kindness to the forefront. The company was founded in 2018 by Lu Parker, an Emmy Award winning television journalist, inspirational speaker, author and former Miss USA. Lu dreams of creating a space where we can be inspired to be better humans.

Our company focuses on creating story-driven content across all platforms, digital products that bring people together for a bigger purpose, and offline experiences. We strive to help all people better understand, embrace, and practice the power of kindness not only for others, but also for themselves because that is when the true magic begins!

In 2021, Be Kind & Co. launched our merchandise line of products to continue our commitment to sharing kindness with the world. We have created a place where you and your friends can shop to find quality, fun and inspirational products that not only inspire you, but will also share a message to the world to trust in the power of kindness. We like to say "It's Merchandise with a Message."

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